Apple varieties matching your criteria

  1. 1.AkaneID photo for Akane
    One of the best early-season apples, better known in the USA than Europe, but would appeal to European tastes too.
  2. 2.AlexanderID photo for Alexander
    An old and attractive culinary apple, cooks to a puree.
  3. 3.AlkmeneID photo for Alkmene
    A very attractive early Cox-style apple, slightly sharper than Cox, sometimes known as Early Windsor.
  4. 4.Arkansas BlackID photo for Arkansas Black
    An unusual apple with a very dense flesh and an intense aromatic flavor, quite similar to the well-known Winesap apple to which it is possibly related. A late-season apple which needs to be stored for a month or so before use. The strong flavour makes this a useful apple for the kitchen or for cider. ...
  5. 5.Ashmead's KernelID photo for Ashmead's Kernel
    A very old apple variety, with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavour. Ashmead's Kernel is also one of very small number of English apple varieties that also thrives in North America.
  6. 6.BaldwinID photo for Baldwin
    A very popular old American apple variety, widely grown for culinary use, and a good keeper.
  7. 7.Belle de BoskoopID photo for Belle de Boskoop
    A popular old dual-purpose apple from the Netherlands.
  8. 8.Ben DavisID photo for Ben Davis
    Plenty of spurs. Wide adaptablility. Consistent cropper.
  9. 9.Black GilliflowerID photo for Black Gilliflower
    Vigorous, healthy and fruitful tree.
  10. 10.Blue PearmainID photo for Blue Pearmain
    An heirloom American apple variety, commonly found in New York state. Named for the blue-colored bloom.
  11. 11.BraeburnID photo for Braeburn
    Introduced at a time when Red Delicious and Golden Delicious dominated commercial apple production in the second half of the 20th century Braeburn represented a new-wave of apples. It had the bi-colored appearance we have now come to expect in modern apples, and more importantly, it had a far more sophisticated ...
  12. 12.Bramley's SeedlingID photo for Bramley's Seedling
    Bramley's Seedling is the definitive English cooking apple. It produces heavy crops of large apples with a sharp acidic flavour, which cook down to a smooth puree.
  13. 13.BurgundyID photo for Burgundy
    Fruit is large, round, very intense pigment, almost blackish red. Solid blush without stripes. Skin is smooth and glossy. Flesh crisp, subacid, very good eating quality. Fruits hang well for 3 weeks after harvest ripe. Storage life is short, no more than a month.
  14. 14.Calville Blanc d'HiverID photo for Calville Blanc d'Hiver
    The perfect choice for tarte aux pommes, its spicy aromatic flavor makes it one of the world's top culinary apples.
  15. 15.ChehalisID photo for Chehalis
    Bears a good crop. Moderately vigorous tree is self pollinating. Highly scab resistant: Somewhat mildew resistant. Excellent apple for organic growers who like a big sweet, yellow apple.
  16. 16.Chenango StrawberryID photo for Chenango Strawberry
    Tree medium size, vigorous, long lived. Regular bearer. Extended ripening time makes it suitable for a home orchard.
  17. 17.CortlandID photo for Cortland
    Cortland was one of the first varieties developed from the popular McIntosh, and inherits the characteristic sweet white flesh and crimson skin of its father. However Cortland is a noticeably larger apple and in a good season the flavour can have a more robust yet perfumed quality. A good apple for ...
  18. 18.Cox's Orange PippinID photo for Cox's Orange Pippin
    This is the benchmark for flavor in apples - from a good tree in a good year it can achieve exceptional flavor.
  19. 19.DeliciousID photo for Delicious
    One of the most famous and important American apple varieties. The original Delicious has a flavor that many find superior to the numerous sports such as Red Delicious that have been developed from it.
  20. 20.DiscoveryID photo for Discovery
    A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.
  21. 21.Duchess of OldenburgID photo for Duchess of Oldenburg
    An attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the 18th century, and now quite widely grown in northern Europe and the USA.
  22. 22.Early FujiID photo for Early Fuji
    Similar to regular Fuji, but harvests six weeks earlier.
  23. 23.Egremont RussetID photo for Egremont Russet
    The definitive English russet apple. The skin is an attractive gold colour with a sandpaper-like finish, and the flavour is characteristically dry and sweet. Egremont Russet makes a very good tree for the garden.
  24. 24.ElstarID photo for Elstar
    One of the best Golden Delicious offspring, the sweet/sharp flavor is more reminscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.
  25. 25.EmpireID photo for Empire
    Empire is a cross between two great North American apples, McIntosh and Red Delicious. The usual McIntosh characteristics are readily apparent – especially the crisp white juicy flesh. The contribution of the delicate scented flavor of Red Delicious makes this one of the best “Mac”-style apples.
  26. 26.EnterpriseID photo for Enterprise
    A modern American late-season disease-resistant apple with a sharp flavor and good keeping qualities.
  27. 27.Esopus SpitzenburgID photo for Esopus Spitzenburg
    One of the great American apple varieties, thought to be Thomas Jefferson's favourite. Noted for its spicy flavour, and for its susceptibility to any and every disease afflicting apples.
  28. 28.Fall PippinID photo for Fall Pippin
    Some disease resistance.
  29. 29.Fallawater
    Good, regular bearer, subject to Cedar apple Rust
  30. 30.FameuseID photo for Fameuse
    A very hardy apple variety. Also known as the Snow Apple of Quebec, from plantings in early French settlements in Quebec.
  31. 31.FiestaID photo for Fiesta
    One of the best Cox-style apples, and much easier to grow. Often marketed as Red Pippin.
  32. 32.FreedomID photo for Freedom
    Tree is resistant to major apple tree diseases.
  33. 33.GalaID photo for Gala
    One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavour, and good keeping qualities.
  34. 34.Gano
    Fruit has light yellow skin that is striped and flushed red. It turns purple-red upon ripening. Flesh firm, crisp and juicy, subacid flavor.
  35. 35.Ginger GoldID photo for Ginger Gold
    An attractive yellow apple from Virginia
  36. 36.Golden DeliciousID photo for Golden Delicious
    Golden Delicious is one of the most commercially successful apples of all time, so much so that it has become a victim of its own success. Apple enthusiasts looking for something different tend to dismiss it as bland and boring. Yet this is an apple that deserves re-evaluating. Look out for examples ...
  37. 37.Golden RussetID photo for Golden Russet
    Golden Russet is usually considered as one of the best-flavored of the American russet apples.
  38. 38.Granny SmithID photo for Granny Smith
    The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia's most famous export.
  39. 39.GravensteinID photo for Gravenstein
    An old apple variety from Denmark which remains very popular in both Europe and North America on account of its high quality flavor.
  40. 40.Grimes GoldenID photo for Grimes Golden
    Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.
  41. 41.HawaiiID photo for Hawaii
    Growth habit is moderate spreading and easily trained. Tends to be biennial.
  42. 42.HolsteinID photo for Holstein
    Noted for its excellent orange-yellow juice, fairly soft, slight pineapple flavour
  43. 43.HoneycrispID photo for Honeycrisp
    Honeycrisp is a very new, developed by the University of Minnesota specifically for growers in cold climates, and is one of the most cold-hardy of apple varieties. It is an apple that certainly lives up to its name – sweet and crisp. However this is not the dense crispness of a Braeburn but more like ...
  44. 44.Hubbardston NonesuchID photo for Hubbardston Nonesuch
    Tree is a regular and abundant producer of evenly sized fruit.
  45. 45.Hudson's Golden GemID photo for Hudson's Golden Gem
    Vigorous tree. Disease resistant.
  46. 46.IdaredID photo for Idared
    Idared is notable for its exceptional keeping qualities. It has a pleasant mild but undistinguished apple flavor.
  47. 47.JefferiesID photo for Jefferies
    Tree is hardy, scab and mildew resistant. Bears regularly and heavily.
  48. 48.JonagoldID photo for Jonagold
    Jonagold is a very popular late-season apple that also keeps well. It was developed in the USA in the mid-twentieth century and has become popular in many other apple-growing countries. As its name suggests Jonagold is a cross between Golden Delicious pollinated by Jonathan. The result is a large ...
  49. 49.JonamacID photo for Jonamac
    Medium size, productive, medium vigor tree. Hardy to -50 degrees with occasional winter injury. Fruit hangs well on the tree.
  50. 50.JonathanID photo for Jonathan
    A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.
  51. 51.Kandil SinapID photo for Kandil Sinap
    Tree tends toward small, pyramidal shape. Heavy, regular bearer.
  52. 52.Karmijn de SonnavilleID photo for Karmijn de Sonnaville
    A Cox-style apple from the Netherlands, very attractive autumnal colours, and the potential for very good flavor.
  53. 53.KeepsakeID photo for Keepsake
    Moderately vigorous spreading tree. Resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust.
  54. 54.Kidd's Orange RedID photo for Kidd's Orange Red
    Marries the complex aromatic qualities of English Cox apples with the scented flavour of American Delicious. A good apple for the gardener as well.
  55. 55.King DavidID photo for King David
    A good quality American apple variety, notable for its resistance to fireblight.
  56. 56.King of Tompkins CountyID photo for King of Tompkins County
    An old American variety from New Jersey. The fruit is very large, and keeps well.
  57. 57.Lady AppleID photo for Lady Apple
    Small tree bears heavily. Recommended for home garden.
  58. 58.LibertyID photo for Liberty
    Sounds like an heirloom variety, but actually a modern American apple variety, developed specifically for disease resistance.
  59. 59.MacounID photo for Macoun
    Rarely available outside its native New England, but well worth seeking out if you can find it. Macoun is perhaps the best of the “Mac” style apples, with a pronounced floral note to its sweet juicy flesh. However the flavour does not keep, this is an apple best eaten soon after picking – the season ...
  60. 60.McIntoshID photo for McIntosh
    A crisp red apple with bright white flesh and refreshing sweet flavor.
  61. 61.MelroseID photo for Melrose
    Tree is vigorous, productive, annual bearer. Growth habit is spreading and moderate. Crop is heavy but biennial.
  62. 62.MotherID photo for Mother
    An old Massachusetts apple variety rated for its flavor.
  63. 63.MutsuID photo for Mutsu
    A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.
  64. 64.Newtown PippinID photo for Newtown Pippin
    Also known as Albermarle Pippin. Made famous by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who grew them in his orchard at Monticello. One of the first US apple exports to the UK.
  65. 65.Northern SpyID photo for Northern Spy
    A widely grown American heirloom apple variety. The fruit is late ripening and stores well.
  66. 66.OpalescentID photo for Opalescent
    A popular large New England apple, sweet, crunchy, juicy, hint of strawberries - a well-flavoured apple.
  67. 67.Pink LadyID photo for Pink Lady
    One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink.
  68. 68.PinovaID photo for Pinova
    An attractive yellow apple with a pink/orange flush. Crops heavily and stores well. Also known as Pinata.
  69. 69.PrimaID photo for Prima
    Disease-resistant variety which is immune to scab and resistant to fire blight, cedar apple rust and mildew.
  70. 70.PristineID photo for Pristine
    Beautiful lemon-yellow apple with a perfect finish. This high quality apple is very productive and is a good keeper for an early apple.
  71. 71.Pumpkin SweetID photo for Pumpkin Sweet
    Prized for baking, good for canning or eating. Yellow skin marbled with greenish-yellow and a brown flush. Sweet, nonacid flesh is crisp and juicy.
  72. 72.Red AstrachanID photo for Red Astrachan
    Very productive every other year.
  73. 73.Red JuneID photo for Red June
    Tree is early and heavy bearer, tendency to biennial bearing can be somewhat controlled by timely thinning and pruning.
  74. 74.Reinette Grise du CanadaID photo for Reinette Grise du Canada
    A more russeted form of the popular Reinette du Canada. Grown commercially in France and Italy.
  75. 75.Rhode Island GreeningID photo for Rhode Island Greening
    One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
  76. 76.Ribston PippinID photo for Ribston Pippin
    One of the most important Victorian dessert apples, and historically interesting as the probable parent of the world famous Cox's Orange Pippin.
  77. 77.Rome BeautyID photo for Rome Beauty
    An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple, widely-grown in North America.
  78. 78.Roxbury RussetID photo for Roxbury Russet
    Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.
  79. 79.RubinetteID photo for Rubinette
    Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.
  80. 80.SansaID photo for Sansa
    Far out-produces Akane.
  81. 81.SmokehouseID photo for Smokehouse
    Vigorous tree. Bears young, quite productive and a reliable bearer.
  82. 82.SpartanID photo for Spartan
    Spartan has the classic maroon skin and bright white flesh of a “Mac” style apple. The flesh is bright white and glistens with juice. The flavour is essentially sweet but has a distinctive wine-like note. Best eaten in season – up to Christmas – because the vinous-flavor fades in storage. Useful ...
  83. 83.SpigoldID photo for Spigold
    Important to train early into spreading shape. Tendency toward biennial bearing.
  84. 84.StaymanID photo for Stayman
    An old American dual-purpose apple variety, popular in Virginia. Descended from Winesap, and in most respects an even better apple.
  85. 85.Summer RamboID photo for Summer Rambo
    vigorous tree bears heavily and early. Some disease resistance.
  86. 86.SunriseID photo for Sunrise
    One of the best early apple varieties, ripening in the UK in late August.
  87. 87.Tolman SweetID photo for Tolman Sweet
    Yields full crops annually
  88. 88.Twenty OunceID photo for Twenty Ounce
    Tree moderately vigorous, a good cropper.
  89. 89.Tydeman's Early Worcester
    A sweet early-season English apple, grown commercially on a small scale. Has a good flavour and somewhat under-rated.
  90. 90.WagenerID photo for Wagener
    Hardy, scab resistant tree bears well and heavily. Thinning necessary to produce large fruit.
  91. 91.WealthyID photo for Wealthy
    Long blooming period makes it a good pollinator. Heavy and early producer. Tends toward biennial bearing.
  92. 92.Westfield Seek-no-FurtherID photo for Westfield Seek-no-Further
    Creamy yellow fruit streaked red with some russeting. Crisp, tender, juicy and aromatic flesh with distinctive flavor. Not recommended for cooking.
  93. 93.William's PrideID photo for William's Pride
    Resistance to apple scab and cedar apple rust. Good resistance to fireblight and powdery mildew.
  94. 94.WinesapID photo for Winesap
    Often known as Virginia Winesap, a tart small apple, and like many US heirloom varieties, keeps well in store.
  95. 95.Winter BananaID photo for Winter Banana
    Named for the alleged banana-like flavour.
  96. 96.Wolf RiverID photo for Wolf River
    Named after the place where it was found. Notable for its very large size, primarily used for cooking. The tree is exceptionally cold hardy and disease resistant.
  97. 97.Yellow BellflowerID photo for Yellow Bellflower
    Tree does well on warm, well-drained soils. Susceptible to scab.
  98. 98.Yellow TransparentID photo for Yellow Transparent
    Scab resistant.
  99. 99.York ImperialID photo for York Imperial
    Good cooking/baking apple and excellent keeper.